Congratulations to Argentina who won the Gold in the Race2Rio Challenge with a record time of completing 9,168,000 steps in week 10!

The team worked together every week by encouraging and motivating each other through email. By a unamimous team decision, Roger Teague won most team spirited. He sent emails every week and never missed one throughout the challenge. “Roger definitely has the most team spirit, he is a great motivator! He gave great pep talks to encourage our team to stay on top,” said Amanda Crisp. “Roger is a natural leader. He motivated me when I might not have made the steps for the week,” Robert Jernigan said.

Good luck to everyone and remember to keep stepping to make sure your team reaches Rio by August 21st. Don’t forget, there’s a Grand Prize Drawing of $5,000 and an Overachiever Drawing of $2,500 at the end of the challenge. See you at the finish line!