See how Allison uses the Atlantic Wellness Program to make healthy and long-lasting lifestyle changes.

As a two-sport athlete in high school, and an intramural competitor in college, Allison Ferri had a background of regular physical activity. But after a number of years in the professional world, she found herself in the common cycle of long commutes, long hours at work, and little obvious time for exercise.

According to Allison, by the time she came to Atlantic, her fitness level was “pretty much non-existent.”

Allison and her husband, Nate, both have daily commutes to work of over 40 minutes. So, eating out most nights of the week and food choices based on convenience were their norm. Then on the weekends, their pattern was to kick-back or party, but not to be active.

“If you do live that kind of lifestyle,” Allison says, “where you are eating out a lot, not taking care of yourself, working long hours, stressed all the time, not sleeping well…your weight creeps up.”

And both she and Nate started seeing numbers on the scale that showed them they needed a change.

Time for Change

In the spring of 2017, Allison saw an email from Atlantic Wellness offering a nutrition and workout program. Although she initially disregarded the idea, falling back on some of the same old excuses, an enthusiastic group of co-workers in her Tabor City office eventually persuaded her to join them in the program.

Together, the group started focusing on preparing moderate-sized meals ahead of time, using healthier ingredients, and talking about their progress. They also exercise together most days after work. One of the most beneficial aspects of this group approach though, is the support and encouragement.

Allison says, “I’m really thankful that they pushed me to do it in the first place, and they continue to push me every day!”

After several weeks of consistent meal planning, portion control, and working out with the group from the office, Allison noticed some real changes. And so did Nate.






Family Support

Inspired by Allison’s improvement in weight and overall feeling of health, Nate decided to change his diet and began exercising too. He recalls, “that was motivating to me more than anything, seeing her change. And she’s definitely pushed me to get better.”

Now, Allison’s weekends include time in the kitchen, with Nate, to prep healthy meals for the week. Eating out less helps them save on their food bills. Going into the work week, most of the work of their meals is already done. And while the commutes are still long, having food on hand helps prevent last-minute stops for fast food.

Exercise is also a new daily fixture. When Allison started with her group, they did a 30-minute workout. Now she is up to an hour-long workout most days, with a 30-minute cardio workout on Saturday, and Sunday off.

“I don’t even feel like it’s the weekend until I finish my cardio,” says Allison, emphasizing how important regular exercise is to her now.

Allison chose to avoid more excuses and instead took action to improve her nutrition and fitness. Her co-workers and her husband offered her support as they worked on health together. Eating better and exercising, using resources she already had, allowed Allison to make a whole lifestyle change.

And with the success she’s found, she hasn’t looked back!

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