We are excited to announce the 2015 WELLNESS CHALLENGE. Participants will enter as an individual. You must be enrolled in the Wellness Program (completed your biometric screening) in order to enter the CHALLENGE.

Sign up by May 1st: https://fitbit.atlanticpkg.com/temp/signup

Before the CHALLENGE begins, all participants will have a weight, BMI, and body fat % assessment with their branch coordinator to certify your entry and establish your beginning benchmark.

Remember that this is a competition with you and your health.

Atlantic will offer the Fitbit Zip for $20 and the Fitbit Flex for $40 to any employee who has not participated in the previous challenges.

Below are the guidelines for the 2015 WELLNESS CHALLENGE:

  • Enrollment: Be enrolled in the Wellness Program to be eligible.
  • Measurement: Steps
  • Dates: May 4th- November 29th (30 weeks)


  • Participants will be required to reach at least 40,000 steps a week.
  • If a participant maintains 60,000 steps or more per week, he/she will be entered into a Level 2 prize drawing in addition to being eligible for the Grand Prize drawing.
  • If there is a shortfall within any given week, the participant may recover steps if done within the following week.


PROGRESS AWARDS: All qualifiers at each branch will enter a branch drawing after week 10 and again after week 20. There will be one winner at every branch. The Progress Awards will be announced on July 15th and September 23rd at 12pm.
FINAL BRANCH AWARDS: At the end of the 30-week challenge each branch will draw one winner as a final branch award.
LEVEL 2 PRIZE: Any participant who maintains 60,000 steps or more per week is eligible for this additional prize.
GRAND PRIZE: All qualifiers (maintained 40,000 steps each week) at the end of the 30-week challenge will be eligible for the grand prize drawing.


  • Snow Mobile
  • 4-Wheeler
  • Carolina Skiff


  • Road Bike
  • Kayak
  • Paddleboard
  • Golf Irons Set

Please note: the Grand Prize Winner is ineligible to also win the additional prize for 60,000 weekly steps.


We will also run a separate contest during the 30-week Challenge. All Wellness participants are eligible for this contest. Cash awards will be given based on percentage of weight loss (final weight divided by starting weight minus 1).

We will have weigh-in administered by each branch’s wellness coordinators and submitted to Megan Stark for record-keeping purposes. No “pounds” will be published or made available to anyone else.

Participants will weigh-in again on July 13th, September 21st and the final time on November 30th for determining the contest winners.


  • Biggest Loser – $5,000 cash award
  • 2nd Biggest Loser – $3,000 cash award
  • 3rd Biggest Loser – $2,000 cash award
  • Branch(es) Biggest Loser – $500 cash award

Note: awards will be paid as additional payroll.