We are thrilled to welcome Tiffany Huggins! Tiffany is Behavioral Health Specialist and  a member of the Marathon Health team who is dedicated to Atlantic Packaging. Tiffany can provide counseling for many areas including stress, anxiety, depression and more. Watch her chat with Wes to learn more about her background and how she hopes to be a resource for all employees, especially during these tough times.

Tiffany is currently licensed in North Carolina, South Carolina, Michigan and Georgia. She is working to obtain licenses in additional states including Maryland and Texas. As she obtains additional licensing, we will let you know so you can start making appointments with her.

You can make an appointment with her just like you do with a health coach by calling her directly at 910-500-6846 (Monday 9am-6pm, Tuesday 1pm-6pm, Friday 8am-2pm)

Tiffany is a free resource. If you’re thinking to yourself, “should I talk to someone about this” – the answer is YES! Tiffany follows the same confidentiality and HPAA as your doctor. Everything you discuss is legally confidential.

Common Questions about Counseling:

How can I benefit from counseling?
Many people report a better understanding of self, improved relationships, better expression and understanding of emotions, improved coping skills and improved overall daily functioning as a result of seeing a counselor.

What topics are talked about in counseling?
Common topics covered in counseling may include depression, anxiety, stress, work/life balance, loss/grief, communication issues, relational issues, sleep issues, occupational problems, and alcohol/substance use concerns.

How long does counseling last?
The duration of counseling depends mainly on what your needs are. When you have achieved your goals, the counselor may suggest termination of services. However, a person may see a counselor from 6 months to 1 year.

I have a really busy schedule, how often will I need to talk with my counselor?
The frequency of your counseling sessions is something you and your counselor can discuss in your sessions. Sessions can be weekly, biweekly, once a month, or as needed.

If you are ever have thoughts of harming yourself please know that you are not alone. There are countless people and resources available to you including Tiffany. She can help you find someone in your area to help. Please call her at 910-500-6846. If you’re having any thoughts of suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.