What is the best gift you can give your family and friends this year? Here’s a hint … it’s a happy and healthy you! Let’s take this time to refocus and make ourselves and our health a priority this holiday season. Trust me, you can still enjoy yourself and all the festivities of the season all while staying focused on your health.

The Holiday BRANCH Challenge Rules:

  1. Weigh in with your branch coordinator before Friday, November 9th.
  2. Come up with a creative team name! Your branch will be your team for the next two months. Cheer on your teammates as you work together to stay focused and motivated through the most wonderful time of the year.
  3. Weigh in with your coordinator the week of January 7th – 11th.
  4. The branch with the highest average pointswill win a catered lunch for their participants and bragging rights!

There are two ways to participate! 
Weight Loss Challenge
For each pound you lose during the challenge you will earn one point for your team!

Maintain, Don’t Gain Challenge 
We understand that not everyone needs to lose weight but instead may need to focus on maintaining their current, healthy weight. If you are in a good place in your wellness journey and still want to help your team, make sure you are within the CDC’s normal category for BMI(18.5—24.9) and weigh in with your coordinator. Then maintain your current weight during the challenge and earn 5 points for your team.

Please note, you must be within the normal BMI level to participate in the Maintain, Don’t Gain category of the challenge. During your weigh in, your coordinator will confirm your BMI using the CDC’s calculator. You can check your BMI now using this link: CDC BMI Calculator .