It’s that time again! The 2018 Step Challenge is here!

Over the next four months, we encourage you to focus on your personal wellness and overall health. We are pushing for higher participation this year and encourage anyone who is part of the wellness program to join the Step Challenge!

The Challenge will kick off on Monday, April 2nd and conclude on Sunday, August 5th. 

Sign up by April 1st to be eligible!


We’ve made a few changes to the challenge and hope that you get excited about joining! First we are using a new platform, Stridekick, to host our challenge. You can read more about how Stridekick works at the bottom of the blog post. With Stridekick, you are able to use the following list of devices for the challenge.

  • Apple Watch 
  • Fitbit– Zip, One, Flex, Charge, Charge HR, Surge, Alta, Blaze, MobileTracker app
  • Garmin– vívofit, vívofit 2, vívosmart, vivosmart HR, vívoactive, vivokí, **
  • Jawbone– UP, UP24, UP Move, UP2, UP3, UP4
  • Misfit – Flash Cyclist, Flash, Link, Ray, Shine, Shine2, Speedo Shine, Swarovski Activity Crystal
  • Pebble– Classic, Steel, Time Round, Time Steel, Time
  • Xiaomi– Mi Band
  • Withings– Pulse, Pulse O2, Activité Pop, Activité, Activité Steel

Also new this year, there will be an additional prize drawing of $1000 for any region who has 90% or more of their participants complete the challenge.  So make sure you are cheering on your branch colleagues as well as your regional teammates.


Participants will register as individuals. This challenge will be setup as a streak challenge. The goal is to meet 6,400 steps a day. There will be a half time drawing as well as the final grand prize drawing. To qualify for each drawing you must have an average of 6,400 steps a day. We understand that life happens. You are allowed to make up missed steps. Just note, you must have an average of 6,400 steps per day at the time of the half time drawing as well as the grand prize drawing to be eligible.

  • You must be enrolled in the Wellness Program (completed your Biometric Screening) in order to enter the 2018 Challenge.
  • The deadline to sign up with your branch coordinator to participate in the Step Challenge is Thursday, March 29th. Sign up on Stridekick by Sunday, April 1st.


  1. Depending on the device you choose to use, you will want to first setup an account on their site. For example, if you are using your Fitbit, make sure you have a Fitbit account setup first as Stridekick will pull your data from your device account, not directly from your device. (See more information at the bottom of this post). You must sync your device daily.
  2. Sign up via mobile:
    *You must connect your Apple Watch or iPhone through mobile

    1. Click this link on your mobile device:
    2. Download the Stridekick app from the iTunes or Google Play store
    3. Log in or create a Stridekick account and connect your tracking device. Make sure to use your first and last name as your username. 
    4. Get moving! You’ve been added to the challenge.
    5. Sync your device daily!

    Sign up via the web:

    1. Click this link in a computer browser:
    2. Select ‘Sign Up & Join challenge’ in the top left hand corner to create a Stridekick account and connect your device or Log in. Make sure to use your first and last name as your username. 
    3. Click ‘Join Challenge’
    4. Get moving! You’ve been added to the challenge.
    5. Download the Stridekick app from the iTunes or Google Play Store
    6. Sync your device daily!


If you’re having trouble signing up or syncing your device, Stridekick is happy to help! Please reach out to them using the below contact information. If you’re still having trouble, please email us at


Message: Message them through the More tab of the mobile app! or by clicking the blue chat icon in the bottom right hand side of the website.

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 9.40.09 AM


Half Time Drawing

To celebrate the half way mark of the challenge, eligible participants will be entered into a drawing, by branch, for a chance to win a prize. The drawings will take place on Friday, June 8th. We will draw one winner per branch. To be eligible for the drawing, you must have completed an average of 6,400 steps per day from the kick off of the challenge on Monday, April 2nd to the half way point of Monday, June 4th.

Grand Prize Drawing

You’ve stayed focused and determined for 6 months, and you’ve got the calves to prove it. If you maintained your average of 6,400 steps a day, you will be entered into the grand prize drawing for your region. Each region will have one $5,000 winner. That’s right, there will be four drawings, with each winner walking away with a giant check for $5,000.

Participation Drawing 

Cheer on your branch colleagues and region members as you all strive for the goal. Any region with 90% of it’s participants to complete the challenge (maintain an average of 45,000 steps by the end of the challenge) will have a second prize drawing for $1,000!




  • Grand Prize Winners will not be eligible to win the bonus “Participation Drawing” if their region is eligible.
  • All cash prizes will be processed through payroll with applicable taxes & 401k deferrals withheld


How does syncing work?

YOU MUST SYNC YOUR DEVICE DAILY! Stridekick grabs your data automatically after you sync your device to your device’s app. We can’t pull data directly from your device so you have to sync it throughout the Challenge! Participants must sync at least once every 3 days.

To sync, simply open up your device app on your phone (e.g. Fitbit app, iPhone Health app). We recommend syncing several times a day to ensure your steps are counted for the challenge. There is a slight delay, so it may take up to 10 minutes for your data to reach Stridekick.

*If you do not see your activity after several sync attempts reach out to us for assistance by using the help icon on the bottom right of the screen.

How do I communicate with my team members?

You can communicate with your team members using the message feed in your Challenge page. Follow these instructions:

  1. Log into your Stridekick account
  2. Click on the “Challenges” button in the top right hand corner of the page.
  3. Below your team, click on the orange “View Challenge” button.
  4. Post on your page via the text box provided on the top right hand side. All team members can view this feed. You can also include photos by clicking on the blue camera button under the text box.