Happy new year! We’re excited about the Wellness Program Challenges that are lined up for 2018.

We planned out the year, with your feedback in mind, to focus on overall health and wellness. Our goal is to have a record number of participants enrolled in the Wellness Program and participating in the challenges in 2018.

2018 Calendar Overview: 

January 20th – March 2nd: Whole Life Challenge
Sign up TODAY! Deadline for registration is January, 17th!

This Spring: Mindfulness Program

April – August: The Annual Step Challenge and Biggest Loser Competition

This Fall: Digital Detox Challenge

September 22nd – November 2nd: Whole Life Challenge

This Winter: Holiday Challenge

If you are not part of the wellness program and are interested in joining, please see your branch coordinator. You must be enrolled in the Wellness Program (completed your biometric screening) in order to participate in any of the challenges.

Branch coordinators
Atlanta –
Heidi Monecino 
Charleston –  
Richard Farmer 
Charlotte –
Kate McDonald
Dallas –
Justin Whittington
Dalton –
Carol Goble
Greensboro (Beechwood) –
Kim McDonald 
Greensboro (Spring Garden) –
Quinten Alston
Greenville –
Amy King 
Hazleton –
Colleen Burt 
Hickory –
Brenda Seagle
Memphis – Steven Puckett 
Raleigh –
Glenn Woolard
Tabor City –
Chris Wilkins
Sturgis –
Rhonda Gilger 
Wilmington –
Julie Perry