H2021 – 2022 Wellness Points Program & Insurance Premium Discount

The 2021- 2022 Wellness Points Program is here! We’ve made a few tweaks as we strive to improve each year! The deadline for completing the 3 required activities and earning 100 wellness points is August 31, 2022.

Atlantic Packaging’s goal for 2021 – 2022 is that every employee and their family members get their annual physical or establish care with a primary care provider and start having a yearly physicals. If you need help finding a physician in your area who will take Atlantic insurance, the Narus Health Concierge Service is available to assist. They can help you find a doctor and make the appointment. You can learn more about their services here and call them directly at 888-585-3309 (8am EST – 8pm EST).

A primary care provider or PCP can act as your healthcare quarterback and in most cases is your first point of contact with the healthcare system. That means they are often the first to see depression, early signs of cancer or chronic disease, and other health concerns. Having an annual physical allows your physician to establish a baseline for your health from which your PCP can help you navigate your overall health and wellness. 

To encourage everyone to see their PCP for an annual physical, we have increased the point value for a physical to 50 points. Below is the incentive program guide that you can download and print followed by a breakdown of the wellness activities and additional information.

2021 – 2022 Atlantic Packaging Wellness Incentive Program Guide

Wellness Points Activities Breakdown 

Required Activities:

•Complete a Biometric Screening  – 10 Points

•Health History and Risk Assessment (HHRA) – 10 Points

  • Log into your Marathon Health portal to access your HHRA under the Questionnaires tab.
  • Please complete your HHRA Update Questionnaire (or HHRA) prior to your Comprehensive health Review (CHR).

Complete a Comprehensive Health Review (CHR) – 10 Points

Preventive Screenings & Exams:

Complete an Annual Physical at the Health Center (Tabor City Employees) or with an Outside Provider – 50 Points

  • Complete an annual physical at your primary care provider or at the Carter Wellness Center for those in Tabor City.  If you want to have your doctor complete your biometric screening during your physical, you can use the Primary Care Provider Biometric Screening Form.
  • Need help finding a primary care provider who accepts Atlantic insurance? The Narus Concierge Service can help you find a doctor in your area and help make the appointment. You can call them directly at 888-585-3309 (8am EST – 8pm EST).

•Complete a Preventive Age/Gender Indicated Health Exam, Dental Cleaning, or Eye Exam – 10 Points Each/20 Points Max

  • Mammograms
  • Colonoscopies
  • Well-woman
  • Prostate Exam
  • Dental Exam/ Screening
  • Prev Skin Check 
  • Vision (Eye) Exam 

Achieve Healthy Numbers for 3 out of 4 Biometric Values:

•Complete your biometric screening and achieve 3 out of 4 healthy values – 50 Points

Improving Your Numbers:

•Complete 2 Follow-up Health Coaching Visits after Comprehensive Health Review (CHR) – 50 Points

•Follow-up Health Coaching Visit #3 – 10 Points

•Follow-up Health Coaching Visit #4 – 10 Points

Need Help Finding a Primary Care Provider (PCP)?

Narus is here to help! The free concierge service works with Lucent and versed in our insurance plan. They can help you find a PCP in your area who accepts Lucent and can help you make the appointment. You can reach them by calling 888-585-3309 (8am EST – 8pm EST). Download the flyer below to learn more about all of their services. 

Greensboro, Tabor City & Charlotte: Novant Health 

If you are at one of the Greensboro branches, Tabor City or Charlotte,  Novant Health is a great option for your healthcare. The Novant Health System accepts Lucent and is ready to help you find a healthcare provider within their system. Click here for more information.

Spouse iPad Raffle 

We want you to encourage your spouses to also get their annual physical! As an extra incentive, we are doing a raffle for an iPad for any spouses who are on company insurance and get their yearly physical by the August 31st deadline.

Early Bird 100 Point Raffle

We will be doing a raffle drawing in May for an iPad for anyone who has earned 100 wellness points AND completed the three required activities by April 30th. Anyone who is eligible for this drawing will also have their names entered into the Wellness Drawing in August.

Marathon Health Portal

The Marathon Health Portal allows you to check your wellness points, make appointments with Tiffany Huggins, the Behavioral Health Specialist. That is also where you will complete your HHRA which is a required activity. To access the health portal, you will need your username and password. If you forgot your username or password, you can click those links on the login page to reset. Need additional help? You can ask your health coach for assistance by calling them directly, reach out to your wellness branch coordinator or contact Michele O’Dell at Micheleo@atlanticpkg.com.

Health Coaching

Health coaching is available to all Atlantic employees. Your Marathon health coach is there to help you on your wellness journey by offering support, education, and and encouragement. They can help you set individual goals that are in line with your specific needs and aspirations. Once you’ve chosen the areas you would like to work on, they can work with you create a realistic, actionable plan. You can schedule your required telephonic Comprehensive Health Review or a telephonic health coaching by calling your health coach. You can find a list of their phone numbers here. You will be responsible for making and attending your own appointments. 

If you have any questions, please ask your branch wellness coordinator or reach out to me directly, Michele0@altancipkg.com.

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