We’ve all been so spread out … now it’s time to come together!

The goal of this challenge is to bring our branches together. So, let’s walk from our Wilmington headquarters to the branch furthest west, Reno, Nevada! That’s 2,750 miles or 5,500,000 steps!

How do we do it? We work together to get our company-wide total daily average steps to OVER 5,500,000 from March 8th – April 2nd.

As we walk to Reno, we’ll learn more about each other. So, let’s get moving!

Individual participants with a minimum daily average of 8,000 steps will be entered in the August Grand Prize Drawing and receive 10 Wellness Points.


  1. If you need a Fitbit, you can purchase one here.
  2. To join the challenge, you must be in the Atlantic Wellness Fitbit Group. Click here to learn how to join.
  3. You can confirm that you are part of the group by going online, logging into your Fitbit account, and confirming that you see the “My Wellness” tab at the top of your screen. Click there to view the Atlantic Fitbit Group leaderboard.

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