2021 Onsite Biometric Screenings 

Health Advocate will be onsite offering screenings in November at some branches. They have Covid-19 protocols and additional cleaning processes in place for your health and safety. 

Please treat your screening appointment like a doctor’s visit. Arrive a few minutes prior to your scheduled time. If you need to wait, please do so at an appropriate distance. Once your screening is complete, either return to work or if you are working remotely, please leave the branch immediately.  

As a reminder, we will NOT be offering lab vouchers this year.

If you are unable to attend the onsite screening at your branch, you can use the Marathon Health PCP form. Your doctor can complete it during an annual physical (which is free with insurance). If you need help finding a primary care provider, you can use the Narus concierge service

Please contact your branch wellness coordinator with questions. 

Dates of Screenings

Acwoth, November 17th – Sign up with Heidi Montecino 
Baltimore, November 10th – Sign up with Sarah Dabrowski 
Charleston Corrugated, November 17th – Sign up with Renee Cappiello 
Charlotte, November 17th – Sign up with Brittany Colston
Dallas, November 16th – Sign up with Justin Whittington 
Dalton, November 18th – Sign up with Carol Goble 
Greensboro Beechwood, November 11th – Sign up with Pam Beck 
Greensboro Spring Garden, November 16th – Sign up with Lonnie Howard 
Greenville, November 17th – Sign up with Amy King 
Sturgis, November 10th – Sign up with Rhonda Gilger  
Summerville, November 9th – Sign up with Richard Farmer 
Tabor City, November 9th and 10th – Sign up with Charlotte Hesse
Wilmington, November 18th – Sign up with Lynn Vann 
Youngsville, November 16th – Sign up with Lisa Slaughter 

Remote Employees or Those Whose Branch is Not Hosting an Onsite Screening 

Steps to complete your required biometric screening:

  1. Schedule an annual physical with your provider. A yearly physical is free with company insurance. Please note, we are not offing lab vouchers this year. 
  2. Print off the Primary Care Provider Biometric Screening Form and take it with you to your appointment.
  3. Ask your doctor to complete the form and Fax to the Tabor City Health Center at 910- 377-3419 or contact your health coach to submit this form.

Need help finding a primary care provider who accepts Atlantic insurance? 
The Narus Concierge Service can help you find a doctor in your area and help make the appointment. You can call them directly at 
888-585-3309 (8am EST – 8pm EST).