Thanks to everyone who was able to join us for the LIVE 2022 Wellness Drawing and Work it Off, Keep it Off competition results. Congratulations to all the winners!

Work it Off, Keep it Off Competition Winners

3rd Place Men’s Winner ($500)
Jeff Ingle, Charlotte

3rd Place Women’s Winner ($500)
Brittany Amundrud, Wilmington  

2nd Place Men’s Winner ($1,500)
Ray Wooley, Greensboro Spring Garden

2nd Place Women’s Winner ($1,500)
Mary Shadwick, Wilmington

1st Place Men’s Winner ($2,500)
Tom Roedl, Cincinatti


1st Place Women’s Winner ($2,500)
Tammy Floyd, Greensboro Spring Garden 

$50 for 5%

These folks won $50 for losing 5% or more during the Work it Off, Keep it Off Competition.

Jeff Ingle | Charlotte
Zack Smith | Greensboro Beechwood
Mary Shadwick | Wilmington
Anthony William | Sturgis
Ray Wooley | Greensboro Spring Garden
Robbie Walker | Wilmington
Noah Ballet | Charlotte
Don McCoy | Tabor City
Leigh McFall-Bishop | Benton Harbor
Jenn Ratty | Wilmington
Jimmy Knox | Summerville
Harry Montgomery | Tabor City
Crystal Wells | Remote
Cliff Davis | Charlotte
Tonya Conner | Cincinatti
Christopher Thompson | Benton Harbor
Mark Lassiter | Tabor City
Tom Roedl | Cincinatti
Al Alfaro | Youngsville
Sevda Jahic | Greensboro Spring Garden
Eryn Johnson | Wilmington
Dawn Austin | Charlotte
Brittany Aumundrud | Wilmington
George Long | Youngsville
Karrie Morgan | Wilmington
Tammy Floyd | Greensboro Spring Garden
Matt Swineheart | Sturgis
Chelsea Baker | Hickory
Robert Van Tassle, Summerville
Michelle Kauffman | Sturgis
Chad Fields | Charlotte
Linda Ward | Tabor City
Charme Blanchard | Greensboro Beechwood
Danna Batts | Wilmington
Gary Bullard | Tabor City

Step Challenge Drawing Winners ($2,500 to each Winner)

Doris Brown | Charleston Corrugated
Angela Biggs | Summerville
Jennifer Thieme | Sturgis
Lisa Pate | Charlotte 
Harry Montgomery | Tabor City
Don Stewart | Charlotte 
Karen Morgan | Wilmington
Elizabeth Whiteside | Wilmington