Thanks to everyone who was able to join us for the LIVE 2022 Wellness Drawing and Work it Off, Keep it Off competition results. Congratulations to all the winners!

Work it Off, Keep it Off Competition Winners

3rd Place Men’s Winner ($500)
Tripp Grice, Wilmington 

3rd Place Women’s Winner ($500)
Patti Bassett, Wilmington  


2nd Place Men’s Winner ($1,500)
Jose Calamaco, Youngsville 


2nd Place Women’s Winner ($1,500)
Carrie Brown, Tabor City 

1st Place Men’s Winner ($2,500)
Tyo Godette, Youngsville 

1st Place Women’s Winner ($2,500)
Megan Hatfield, Wilmington 

$50 for 5%

These folks won $50 for losing 5% or more during the Work it Off, Keep it Off Competition.

Alberta Dennis, Corruagted Converting
Carrie Brown, Tabor City
Chris Reid, Greensboro Beechwood
Christy Martin, Youngsvile
Cynthia Doctor, Corruagted Converting
Danielle Natoli, Wilmington
Darlene Harrington, Tabor City
David Liles, Youngsvile
Dennis Van Deventure, Summerville
Doris Brown, Corruagted Converting
Frank Hammond, Tabor City
James (Tripp) Grice, Wilmington
January Shaffer, Sturgis
JD Luchuck, Wilmington
Jennifer Cooley, Charlotte
Jose Calamaco, Youngsvile
Josh Hammond, Tabor City
Justin Whittington, Dallas
Kalyn Bentley, Youngsvile
Lisa Slaughter, Youngsvile
Megan Hatfield, Wilmington
Nick Scarlette, Greensboro Beechwood
Pam Beck, Greensboro Beechwood
Patti Bassett, Wilmington
Randy Judd, Greensboro Beechwood
Ray Wooley, Spring Garden
Ricco Brookins, Sturgis
Rick Taylor, Greensboro Beechwood
Rick Zietlow, Acworth
Robert Van Tassle, Summerville
Robin Crosier, Greensboro Beechwood
Scot Campbell, Youngsvile
Teresa Bass, Tabor City
Tim Miley, Greenville
Tyo Godette , Youngsvile

Step Challenge Drawing Winners ($2,500 to each Winner)

Richard Kippel, Tabor City
Amy Scott, Tabor City 
Tammy Fipps, Tabor City
Diane Privette, Charlotte 
Mark Godfrey, Greenville 
Horace Currie, Summerville 
Mitzi Rodgers, Wilmington 
Gwendolyn Farrington, Wilmington