We’re making moves in 2023!

We have an exciting announcement for the 2023 Step Challenges! This year, we will be using a platform called Pacer for Teams. The Pacer for Teams platform works with Fitbit, Garmin, Samsung, and Apple devices. If you need a new device, you can purchase a Fitbit at the discounted rate using the Atlantic Wellness storefront below.

Please go ahead and order your new Fitbit if you need one or ask your branch wellness coordinator for assistance if you are unable to purchase one online. And join the Atlantic Wellness Pacer for Teams group.

The first step challenge will kick off on March 6th! Be on the lookout for more information coming soon!

Join Pacer for Teams

**** Please note, Pacer for Teams pulls your step data from your device’s app, not from the device itself. So please make sure you are syncing your device and opening the Pacer for Teams app regularly. For example, if you have a Fitbit, you still need to sync your Fitbit with the Fitbit app and also open the Pacer app so it can pull the data from the Fitbit app. 

 Pacer for Teams User Guide 

Purchase A New Fitbit 

Order your new Fitbit Device at http://www.fitbit.com/global/us/store/atlanticpackaging/welcome. Enter the word “Wellness” followed by your employee ID number to access the site. (Ex: Wellness1111).

Need Help? 
Let Michele O’Dell know if you are unable to purchase your device online or if you have any trouble or questions please talk to your branch coordinator and email Micheleo@atlanticpkg.com