Did you know?
Each day in America, 22 US Veterans lose their life to suicide.

Starting on Veteran’s Day, join us in the 22×22 Campaign by doing 22 push-ups for 22 days to support and raise awareness for Veteran’s Suicide Prevention and Mental Well-Being.

When Atlantic Packaging posted our “1 out of 8” Message on Social Media in September, a veteran by the name of Joe Chiarella was so moved by our message that he felt compelled to reached out and share his story. He is a veteran, and he had recently lost his wife to suicide, she was also a veteran. He wanted to work with us to continue to raise awareness about suicide prevention and mental well-being. And so, the 22×22 Campaign was created! Watch the video below to meet Joe and to hear why this campaign is important.

We encourage you to share pictures and videos of you doing push-ups on social media with the #22×22 and #atlanticpkgwellness

If you or someone you know is in need reach out to Tiffany, our dedicated Behavioral Health Counselor at 910.500.6846.
For mental health emergencies, call 988.

    Questions? Reach out to Becca Schusler at beccas@atlanticpkg.com or 704.909.5731.