Challenge Overview

The Summer Road Trip Step Challenge will kick off on Monday, July 12th and end at midnight on Friday, August 6th. 
All branches will compete against one another as we travel though Asia. 

Grand Prize Drawing Entry & Wellness Points

Individual participants with a minimum daily average of 8,000 steps will be entered in the August Grand Prize Drawing and receive 5 Wellness Points. Daily averages are from July 12th – August 6th and include weekends. 


1. If you need a Fitbit, you can purchase one here.

2. To join the challenge, you must be in the Atlantic Wellness Fitbit Group. Click here to learn how to join.

3. You can confirm that you are part of the group by going online, logging into your Fitbit account, and confirming that you see the “My Wellness” tab at the top of your screen. Click there to view the Atlantic Fitbit Group leaderboard.