2016 Race2Rio

May 2nd through August 21st

A few things to do before signing up:

  • If you’re new to the Challenge, create a Fitbit account, sync your device, and start recording your steps
  • Set your week beginning to “Monday” (NOT the default Sunday)
  • Use “First name, Last Name” + Branch Location
  • If you want to share your Fitbit profile picture with the team, setup/Update your photo on your Fitbit account before signing up for the contest
  • Sign up with your branch coordinator and provide them with your email address

Download all Race2Rio details here:



  • To celebrate the Olympics, teams (of 12) will walk 9,168,000 steps, the distance from Tabor City to Rio. The team who reaches Rio first will win the Gold. 2nd place is Silver and 3rd place is Bronze. There is no weekly requirement.
  • Each teammate has to hit a minimum of 40,000 steps per week (average) of the 16-week challenge for the team to be qualified for the Grand Prize drawing. Teams need to be the top 3 to reach 9,168,000 steps to win. If a teammate does not meet the 40,000 step average for 16 weeks, he/she will be disqualified and NOT be eligible for any incentives; however this will not disqualify the team. For each disqualified teammate, 40,000 steps per week will be added.
  • If your team completes the challenge earlier, the total steps per team member must be at least 40,000 steps times # of weeks (for teams that win gold, silver and bronze). (If the team gets there mid-week, this will not be used to disqualify. You will have the remainder of the week to reach 40,000-step average and qualify for the prize.)
  • Each teammate is capped at 80,000 steps per week for the challenge (this is not an average). You can do more, but a maximum of 80,000 steps per week will count toward the weekly team total.

Prizes for the top 3 winning teams:

  • Gold Medal: $500 gift card
  • Silver Medal: $250 gift card
  • Bronze Medal: $100 gift card

The Details

  • Participants will enter as an individual and teams will be randomly selected.
  • You must be enrolled in the Wellness Program (completed your Biometric Screening) in order to enter the Challenge.
  • You will need to sign up with your Branch Coordinator starting April 20th and no later than April 27th
  • Atlantic will offer a Fitbit Zip for $20 to all new participants entering the Race2Rio Challenge (any employee who has not participated in previous challenges).



  • For every team that makes it to Rio by August 21st, each qualifying teammate will be entered into the drawing. Individuals must have an average of 40,000 steps per week by August 21st to qualify. If an individual on the team does not make the average steps, he/she will not be in the final drawing.



  • All individuals who reach an average of 50,000 steps or more per week for the 16 weeks are eligible for the $2500 drawing.
  • If your team makes it to Rio before August 21st but is not one of the top teams, you still have the remaining time to make your 40k steps per week average and be entered in the final Grand Prize drawing.

The Fine Print:

  • The Final Grand Prize and Overachiever Prize awards will be paid as additional payroll. Gold, Bronze, and Silver awards will be a gift card.
  • NO MAKEUP/EXCEPTIONS allowed since the challenge is going by average for eligibility.
  • You cannot win the Final Grand Prize AND the Overachiever drawing.