Atlantic has invited Culinary Health Solutions to present Lunch and Learn seminars at our branch offices in January and February, 2016. These will be 3 separate sessions at each participating branch, each taking place during our lunch hour. Lunch will be provided.

The sessions are designed to help us implement healthy living advice in a way that can make eating the most enjoyable part of our health.

Your sign up is required for attendance to these seminars. Each session is unique and part of an overall program so we encourage you to sign up for all 3 sessions at your branch.  Please refer to the dates below for your branch.


Health experts believe that how we eat affects 80% of our health.

At Atlantic, we’ve made incredible improvements in our health by increasing our fitness through the Wellness Challenges. We also got cooking tips and ideas for healthy meals through the Atlantic Eats campaign.

Now we have the opportunity to take this a step further and really concentrate on the foods we eat and how they affect everything from our mood to our energy level and our sleep quality.

The Lunch and Learn sessions from Culinary Health Solutions (CHS) will introduce us to ideas about food that can be both liberating and life-changing.

Mitch and Ken from CHS will visit our branch offices 3 times each to present their approach to food and to offer motivation for taking control of our total health.  Each session builds from the previous one so please make a commitment to attend all 3 at your branch.

The CHS seminars do not encourage dieting.  Instead, they focus on how we can make small but important changes in our food choices that allow us to eat well and still enjoy our favorite foods without feeling deprived.

The end goal is to improve our health, gain energy and focus, improve our sleep quality, and achieve a fit weight.

Atlantic is excited to offer this opportunity and we encourage you to sign up, attend the sessions, and learn how you can improve your health by enjoying delicious, healthy foods.