We are excited to kick off the new year with a brand new challenge… the Habit Tracker Challenge! The challenge will kick off on January 8th and end on February 4th. 

The goal of the challenge is to complete 30 minutes of active movement + drink 64 oz of water at least 5 days a week for the month of January. 

And since we know it’s sometimes easier to workout together, your spouse is welcome to participate as well! 

Ready to get after it? Simply print out the below tracker and mark off each day that you complete 30 minutes of active movement and drink 64 oz of water. Remember, this is the honor system.


At the end of the challenge, submit your completed form to your branch wellness coordinator by Wednesday, February 8th. Make sure your name is on the form. There will be a raffle style drawing for 4 different $25 gift cards to Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Active Movement Ideas

Atlantic Wellness Workouts with Trevor (2 videos = 30 minutes): https://www.youtube.com/@atlanticwellnessworkoutswi3303

Any 30+ minute YouTube Workout Videos

Walking your dog

Lifting weights

Attending a fitness class

Active yard work

Playing sports


Riding a bike 


As a reminder, Trevor is available to help you on your fitness journey. He can meet with you and set up a personalized plan for you. You can email him at Trevork@atlanticpkg.com.