I Think I’m Stressed Workshop

Have you noticed unexplained aches in your body?

Is your significant other or family member complaining about your mood?

Are you having trouble sleeping?

Not only can stress manifest as a feeling, but it can also manifest in your body and relationships.

Join the “I Think I’m Stressed “virtual workshop on Tuesday, January 11th at noon where we will discuss how stress impacts you mentally, physically, and relationally.

Some of the topics discussed will be:

What is stress

Symptoms of stress

Ways to cope with stress

We will also record the workshop to send out afterward. We want to encourage everyone to join live if possible. Even if you’re not stressed right now, it’s likely that you have been or will be again at some point. Everyone who joins the live call or watches the recording afterwards will have their name entered into a raffle during the August Wellness Prize Drawings.