What’s Your Why? 

What motivates you? What energizes you? What inspires you? What’s YOUR why? 
We all have reasons to prioritize our health and wellbeing. Maybe it’s to have more energy to play with your children. Maybe it’s longevity and staying healthy to enjoy your retirement years. Maybe it’s simply because you want to feel good and enjoy this precious life. Whatever gets you moving, hold onto that. Keep that reason close to your heart and make your steps count! 

Updates to Fitbit 

Fitbit was recently purchased by Google and has since updated their corporate offerings. The biggest changes include removing the pre-made challenges, updating their leaderboard and adding Fitbit Premium for all corporate users. 

So the exciting news is that EVERYONE in the Atlantic Wellness Fitbit group now has Fitbit Premium for FREE! Simply open your Fitbit App, click the “Discover” button at the bottom of the screen. There are challenges, workouts, Mindfulness breathing exercises, meditations, recipes and other guided programs. 

 The down side is that they removed the pre-made challenges. There is still a leaderboard and I will send out weekly updates. 

Challenge Overview

The March step challenge will kick off on Monday, March 14th and end at midnight on Friday, April 8th. 
All branches will compete against one another to win a free lunch for the participants. 

Grand Prize Drawing Entry & Wellness Points

Individual participants with a minimum daily average of 8,000 steps will be entered in the August Grand Prize Drawing. Daily averages are from March 14th – April 8th and include weekends. 


1. If you need a Fitbit, you can purchase one here.

2. To join the challenge, you must be in the Atlantic Wellness Fitbit Group. Click here to learn how to join.

3. Once you are in the challenge, you will see the option to view the Atlantic Packaging Leaderboard in the Fitbit app. You can also access all the great Fitbit Premium content for FREE!