May is Mental Health Month

The theme for Mental Health Month this year is “Look Around, Look Within”. 

Our surroundings influence our mental and emotional health in a number of ways. Aspects like safety, access to health care, support at home, and fresh fruits and veggies all play a role in our health. Even though we can’t always change the world around us, there are small steps we can take to help create a more supportive environment for our mental and emotional well-being.

This month, we will explore “31 ways to make the world around you work for your mental health”.  Click the picture below to get a printable version of the calendar.

We would love to hear the ways in which you are making efforts to “Look Around” in order to “Look Within”. Join us on the Atlantic Wellness Webex page throughout the month as we share our ideas and experiences. If you are not part of the Webex group and would like to be added, reach out to Becca Schusler at

If you are taking steps to improve your surroundings but are still struggling with your mental health, you may be experiencing signs of a mental health condition. Reach out to Tiffany Huggins, our Behavioral Health Counselor at 910-500-6846 to schedule an appointment. If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health emergency, dial 988 for immediate assistance.