Ready to make changes in your diet? Want to lose weight or learn to make healthier food choices? Start by making an appointment with a nutritional counseling professional.

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A licensed nutritionist/dietitian can help you:

  • Assess your diet and nutritional needs
  • Set realistic goals for better eating habits
  • Manage conditions like diabetes or high blood pressur
  • Get support for your efforts toward a healthier lifestyle

Who can benefit from nutritional counseling?

Whether you’re trying to achieve weight loss, cope with a chronic condition like diabetes or high blood pressure or simply want to feel more energetic, receiving nutritional counseling can help. In fact, studies show that healthier eating habits may help lower your risk for very serious health problems, including heart disease, stroke and cancer.3

Be sure to consult a licensed nutrition professional

Most states have strict licensing requirements for dietitians and nutritionists. The most qualified professionals will have earned the registered dietitian (RD) credential.

Try Nutritional Counseling today

To find a licensed nutritionist/dietitian, log in to, click on HealthNAV and select Find a Doctor, Facility or Medical Costs.

Benefits and member cost share vary by plan design. Please see your benefit plan administrator or refer to your benefit booklet for your specific benefits.
In-network nutritionists/dietitians are credentialed by participating plans in the state where they practice.
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina offers several decision support tools, such as HealthNAV and Blue LinkSM, to aid you in making decisions around your health care experience. These tools are offered for your convenience and should be used only as reference tools. You should consult your own legal counsel, tax advisor, or personal physician as applicable throughout your health care experience.
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