Stories of Change | David Schmidt from Inside Atlantic on Vimeo.

Eight years ago Dave Schmidt looked in the mirror and decided then that he was ready to make a change. Since that day, Dave has prioritized his overall wellbeing through forming habits that he now can’t imagine living without. And most importantly, Dave feels like his lifestyle supports his ultimate goal, being a great dad.

As Dave says, “At the beginning of any journey, everything looks like it’s going to be hard but it really only does take 21 days to make a habit”.

You can look at Dave and know that he asks a lot of his body. He pushes it hard in the gym but he’s able to do so because of his strong focus on nutrition. Just like all of us, Dave lives a busy life and meal prepping for the week saves him time and helps him stay on track.

Dave’s biggest hope is that his story will motivate someone else to make change in their life.

Thanks for sharing your story with us and inspiring all of us to form habits to help get us to where we want to be in our own wellness journeys.