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I personally learned a lot from the podcast Wes did with nutritionist, Sara Gail. It also sparked some interesting conversations in our office. One of them around how to shop for Organic (non-GMO) at regular grocery stores. This topic lead me down a road of research and other conversations which brought me to the blog “100 Days of Real Food”. The Charlotte based blogger, Lisa, and her family only eat “real food” and she shares so much helpful information on everything from how to read ingredient labels to tips for shopping at Costco. Her site really is a gold mine. I’ve shared some of my favorite links below. Enjoy!

Real Food Defined 

10 Days of Real Food Pledge

If anyone is interested in taking the 10 day Real Food Pledge with me let me know and we can do it together!

9 Organic Meals from Costco for under $100

Real Food at Walmart 

How to Find Real Food at ALDI

How to Afford Real Food on a Budget

Slow Cooker Recipes 

School Lunch Ideas