UNWIND could not have come at a better time this year. We are excited to change it up and offer two options for the UNWIND virtual workshops. Please note, you will need to register these workshops in advance so we can send you the link to attend. CLICK HERE to register for either workshop now.

UNWIND Workshop Option One

Workshop: Introduction to UNWIND®- Three Steps to Reclaim Balance in Your Daily Grind
Date/Time: Tuesday, April 14th @ 12pm EST
Registration:Click Here
Description: If you are ready to quiet your busy mind and reduce unwanted stress, join Lyn Tally, founder of UNWIND®, to learn the one word, one stretch, and one superpower that allows you to experience ease and relaxation immediately. Learn the fastest way to drop stress and achieve peace of mind now with THREE easy-to-use techniques.

UNWIND Promotional Video from Atlantic Packaging on Vimeo.

UNWIND Workshop Option Two

Workshop: 30-Day UNWIND Deep Dive (Ideal for those who have attended an UNWIND Workshop before and would like to dive deeper into the material)
Date/Time: April 20th – May 15th with virtual calls occurring every Tuesday at 12pm EST.
Registration: Click Here
Description: Is this your year to UNWIND? If you are personally struggling with unwanted stress, living daily with tension in your body, worry on your mind, but you are ready to feel calm on a daily basis, this is the perfect program for you. 30-Day UNWIND Deep Dive is for anyone ready to reduce tension, distress, and anxiety to increase daily life with more ease, and joy by creating the approach that works best for them. It’s a personalized strategy program. Work closely with Lyn Tally, creator of the mindful stress management program UNWIND®, to deepen your understanding of how these techniques help shift your relationship to stress and therefore how you experience life. 

UNWIND® Deep Dive, a  personalized strategy focuses on

  • Customizing your approach so it works within your lifestyle and schedule
  • Developing morning and evening rituals that decrease stress and increase a calm mind, balanced energy, and happy state of being
  • Discussions on application and integration to support a true shift in daily habits that keep you from experiencing ease, joy, and calm.
  • Deeper-dive videos and audio content to watch on your own time to deepen your understanding of the mind/body stress connection
  • Accountability and support offered by the facilitator and UNWIND creator, Lyn Tally, along with personalized guided meditations recorded to enhance your full personalized integration approach

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