What people are saying about the UNWIND Workshop. 


Atlantic Wellness is excited to introduce a new program called UNWIND.  This program is a unique stress management course that teaches practical relaxation techniques to employees, at all skill levels, in a real-time experiential setting. It helps employees redefine how they engage stress in all areas of life—by listening to cues from the body, mind and emotions. All you have to do is show up. Everything can be done while sitting in a chair, eating lunch, without needing to change clothes.

A 1-hour session will be offered at the following dates and times:

Wilmington: Thursday, June 7th at 12pm – 1pm
Please see Julie Perry to sign up

Tabor City: Friday, June 8th at 12pm – 1pm
Please see Chris Wilkins to sign up

Charleston: Tuesday, June 19th at 12pm – 1pm
Please see Richard Farmer to sign up

Greensboro Beechwood: Thursday, June 21st at 12pm – 1pm
Please see Pam Beck to sign up

Charlotte: Friday, June 22nd at 12pm – 1pm
Please see Kate McDonald to sign up

Virtual Workshop: Monday, June 25th at 12pm – 1pm
CLICK HERE to sign up!

What is UNWIND?

Through a combination of Mindfulness & Deep-Relaxation techniques, UNWIND teaches employees how to find peace of mind in the work-world of today by reducing the overwhelming pressures of stress.

It’s easy, accessible, and applicable to any lifestyle.

When you participate in UNWIND you will:

  • Quiet your overactive mind
  • Experience relaxation from your stress
  • Ease your anxiety and feel calm
  • Increase your energy and feel more joy

Stress is the #1 cause of illness today. This program will teach you how to undo the patterns of stress.


UNWIND shifts the stressful workplace mindset by teaching you how to befriend stress starting from the moment you wake up.


Reducing unnecessary stress and increasing well-being does not have to be comprehensive in its approach. If you know the right techniques, you can fast-track the success of experiencing peace of mind in the daily grind.

UNWIND teaches the minimalistic approach to stress reduction with ONE WORD, ONE STRETCH, and ONE SUPERPOWER to experience ease and relaxation immediately.

Want to learn more?  Visit Lyn’s website for a more comprehensive look at her approach.