We are excited to welcome Becca Schusler to Atlantic!

Becca will be taking over as the director of the wellness program at Atlantic as Michele O’Dell focuses on other corporate responsibilities, while continuing to support the program.

Becca has been working in health promotion for over 20 years, with much of her time spent consulting with companies to create and enhance wellness programs for their employees.

Becca has also served as a wellness promotion specialist at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and has taught both middle and high school health.

She has a master’s degree in health education and promotion and is also a nationally certified health education specialist.

In her prior consulting role, she was deeply engaged with Atlantic from the inception of our wellness program.

Her input and guidance has been a key component of the program we all love, and she comes to Atlantic with a great understanding of our program, culture, and passion.

Needless to say, she knows how important this program is to Atlantic employees and is excited to help us grow the program as we strive to maintain a culture of overall health and wellness.

When she isn’t focused on the health and wellbeing of others, Becca spends her time with her beautiful family including her husband of 15 years and 2 children.

She loves running, gardening, and spending time outdoors near her home in Charlotte.

Please welcome Becca Schusler! Her email is beccas@atlantickg.com.