Challenge Overview

The Who’s The Boss Step challenge will kick off on Monday, July 15th and end at midnight on Friday, AugustĀ 9th.

Each week a member of leadership will act as “the boss” and our collective competitor. The goal is to beat the boss!

The Challenge Winner

The employee with the highest average step count for the duration of the entire challenge: July 15 – August 9 will be the winner! You win a reserved parking spot for a week and a brand new coffee mug so everyone can see that you’re now the boss!

Grand Prize Drawing Entry

Don’t forget, you still need to capture your 8,000 daily average to be entered into the grand prize drawing on August 30th. Again, the daily average is from the start of the challenge until the end, which includes the weekends.

First Step Challenge?

If this is your first step challenge, WELCOME! Please email Micheleo@atlanticpkg.com and let her know the email address associated with your Fitbit account so she can add you to the Atlantic Wellness Group.