2024 Sleep Challenge
March 4 – March 31, 2024

Sleep is crucial to all body functions. From memory and mood to protection against inflammation.
It is restorative and makes you feel better, act better, think better, and overall handle life better.

Join us for a 4-week challenge all about SLEEP! Participants are encouraged to reach a goal of 6-8 hours of sleep each night, for a minimum total of 162 hours of sleep by the end of the challenge.

**This may be a challenge for you, so consistency is key. If you track your sleep each day but still fall short of the minimum goal of 162 hours that’s ok. You will still be awarded the raffle ticket into the Healthy You Project Raffle in September if you show you have been tracking for the whole challenge.

REGISTER between Feb. 26 – March 1st


1. Register on the Marathon Health Portal. Go to the Health You Project Incentive Program, click on Nourishment, and then Sleep Challenge. 

2. Register with your Branch Coordinator.


1. Connect your Fitbit, Garmin, or Apple device to the Marathon Health App. Your hours and minutes of sleep will be recorded in the portal each day throughout the challenge. Check your data in the portal each week to ensure it is syncing correctly. Learn more about downloading the Marathon Health App by clicking HERE.

2. Self-report daily in the Wellness Log on the Marathon Health Portal.

3. Self-report your total amount of sleep each night using the challenge calendar, provided by Becca or your Branch Coordinator when you register for the challenge. At the end of the challenge, submit your completed calendar to wellness@atlanticpkg.com or to your Branch Coordinator. All Calendars are due by April 3rd.  

All sleep records must be completed by March 31st to count towards your challenge total. The challenge will remain open until April 3 to allow for final data entry. 


– Participants will be entered in a giveaway with a chance to win 1 of 2 sleep baskets, complete with a blanket, eye mask, and essential oil pillow spray.

– Participation in this challenge will earn you 1 raffle ticket in the Healthy You Project raffle! That means a chance at one of the TEN $2500 checks being awarded at the Wellness Awards Ceremony in September.

 If you have trouble logging in, please call Marathon Health directly at (866)434-3255. Click HERE for an overview of how to register on the Marathon Health Portal. Marathon Health also has an app, download it today! Use this instructional page to help.

Questions? Reach out to Becca Schusler at beccas@atlanticpkg.com or 704.909.5731.