“Happiness is not about the trophy, or the finish line. It’s the journey. If you enjoy your journey, you can enjoy your life.” 

– Pharrel Williams 

It’s time to put yourself, your health, and your overall well-being first. It’s time to be begin the journey to becoming the best possible version of you. We encourage anyone who is interested to join the 2017 Atlantic Biggest Loser Competition. The Competition will run parallel to the 2017 Wellness Step Challenge, however you are not required to join the Step Challenge to be part of the Biggest Loser Competition.


The Biggest Loser Competition will kick off on Monday, March 20th. We ask that you please sign up with your branch coordinator before that date. To sign up, you will need to weigh in with your coordinator before the kick off date. You will be required to weigh in monthly with your branch coordinator. All weigh-in information will be sent to the wellness coordinator and no pounds will ever be published or shared with anyone else. The final weigh in will take place the week of September 11th – 15th. Prizes will be based on the percentage of weight loss (final weight divided by starting weight minus 1 times 100).

Percentage Weight Loss Example:
Starting Weight: 200
Ending Weight 175
How to Calculate Percentage Lost: 175/200 = 0.875 – 1 = -0.125 x 100 = -12.5%


Although we encourage you to join the competition as a way to kick start your journey to becoming the best version of yourself, it is a competition after all. And what’s a competition without some prizes? Cash prizes will be awarded based on the percentage of weight lost.

Biggest Loser – $5,000 cash award

2nd Biggest Loser – $3,000 cash award

3rd Biggest Loser – $2,000 cash award

Branch(s) Biggest Loser – $500 cash award


You’ve worked hard, you’ve played hard, and you’ve won one of the company wide top 3 Biggest Loser prizes. Congratulations on the win, however this is just the beginning. Your health is a journey and we’re on board for the ride. We want to see you continue to challenge yourself and work to reach your goals.

Winners of the three company wide Biggest Loser prizes will win an additional $500, paid quarterly, if you maintain or lose additional weight. That’s right, just keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll continue to win even after the competition is over. All you have to do is weigh in quarterly with your branch coordinator for the next year. If you have maintained your weight loss, or lost additional weight, you will receive $125 quarterly for a calendar year.


  • Please consult your doctor if you have any predetermined health conditions before making changes to your diet or exercise routine.
  • Company Wide Biggest Loser Winners will not be eligible to also win Biggest Loser at the branch level
  • All cash prizes will be processed through payroll with applicable taxes & 401k deferrals withheld