When we hear about Race2Rio participants who have exceeded their goals, we like to share them! Check out some of our employees and see what keeps them on track and motivated.

Beverly Housand
Tabor City
Team: Sweden

Beverly has been a top stepper since the wellness challenges started in 2013 at Atlantic. If you’ve ever checked her name on the leaderboard, she has reached over 40,000 steps (that’s 20 miles!) in a day more than once, and we all want to know how she does it.

“With working a 10 or 12 hour shift in Tabor City, I try and walk on my first break and on my lunch break, even when it is hot or cold”. Beverly also tries to use the new onsite gym in Tabor City as often as she can and walks after work. The key for her is to keep moving whether it’s using her stand up desk at work, walking between buildings, or gardening at home.

“I get up at 4:00 am to get ready for work. While getting ready, I walk around the house”.They say they early bird catches the worm, which is true if you are Beverly getting her steps in every day!

Beverly: “A few years ago I saw myself to the point where I didn’t like what I saw. The wellness program has encouraged me to do better and improve my health”.

Ed Turlington
Team: Canada

On days he’s visiting a customer with large plants, Ed is able to get many steps in. But, like many can relate to, he spends most of his time at his desk and on the road. “Standing at the desk has been an improvement but it’s still difficult to get many steps in during the work day”. In order to keep up with steps and help his team make it to Rio, Ed uses his time after work to stay active. “I do a lot of yard work. The fall is also very helpful because I’m walking up and down the sidelines taking pictures for high school football games”.

Ed: “We just got got exercise equipment in Atlanta and it’s really nice. No more excuses about Georgia weather! I am going to step it up with some prodding from my team members. Go team Canada!

Jonathan Spivey
Tabor City
Team: United States

If you haven’t already noticed, Jonathan Spivey has hit over 80,000 weeks the first 4 weeks of the challenge and is well on his way this week. So how does he get all of those steps? “Even though I am a shipping clerk and sit at my desk, I am always walking back and forth in the warehouse to my desk”. Outside of getting steps at work, Jonathan coaches high school baseball and works out with them daily. He also plays travel softball and runs constantly.

Jonathan: “GOTEAMUSA!!!!!!”

Eryn Teague
Team: Ireland

Growing up an Athlete, Eryn always stayed active. After she graduated college and started working, she knew that staying active was going to take a little more effort. “I get on the treadmill after work Monday through Thursday and stay on I until I hit my 11,500 steps”. She also uses short breaks to get up and walk around the warehouse throughout the day and participates in boot camp classes. “With a wedding coming up in September, I have to be stronger than my excuses and focus on healthy eating and choosing to stay active instead of sitting around on weekends”.

Eryn: “Be stronger than your excuses”.