When we hear about Race2Rio participants that have exceeded their goals, we like to share them! Check out some of our employees and see what keeps them on track and motivated.

Cyndi Bruzgulis
Team: South Africa

Whether she’s grabbing coffee, making lunch, or washing her hands, you‘re likely to find Cyndi stepping in place at the Wilmington office. Many have challenged the idea of stepping in place and wonder if it even counts … it does! And her numbers don’t lie. With over 80,000 steps the first week and well on her way to 80,000 this week, Cyndi gets steps in by walking the warehouse (with her safety vest on of course) and spending extra time walking in the grocery store.

Cyndi: Every step counts!

Randy Baker
Randy Baker
Team: Canada

Randy started his walking journey last year when the Biggest Loser contest began and has been using his Fitbit ever since. After the challenge ended (Randy won the branch Biggest Loser in Youngsville), he kept walking because he knew it was good for him. “I usually walk at lunch every day and get about 3.5 miles in and add something every night.” And while some people use a riding lawn mower, Randy gets a ton of steps in by using a push mower to cover his big yard.

Randy: I walk because it is great exercise!

Carolyn Burney
Carolyn Burney
Spring Garden
Team: Belgium

With a customer service job many here at Atlantic can relate to, Carolyn spends the majority of her day sitting at her desk. In order to increase her steps, she found small ways to get steps in throughout the day like walking laps with a coworker during breaks. “When I need to go to another area of the building, I take the long way there and the long way back to my desk.” Since the challenge began, Carolyn always tries to think of ways to get more steps. “Parking further away from the door of the grocery store instead of trying to find the closest spot is another way to add a few steps.”

Carolyn: Once you find ways to get more steps in, you will see a difference at the end of the day!

Ken Brown
Ken Brown
Team: India

When it comes to staying active, Ken says he doesn’t do anything special. But does follow one simple rule: he walks wherever he goes. “At home at night I keep doing something instead of sitting down in front of the TV. There’s a lot to do now that the weather has warmed.” Ken likes to garden, go fishing, and do yard work to stay active.

Ken: My mindset is to just keep moving!

Nichole Case Knight
Nichole Case Knight
Team: Brazil

Nichole starts her morning off with 20 minutes of cardio, rotating from the treadmill, to the rower, and the stair climber. During the day, she uses her Fitbit reminder to encourage her to get up every hour and get 250 steps in. “Getting away from my desk chair keeps my muscles from hurting, improves circulation, and helps my concentration.” Nichole also tries to walk during her breaks and does not sit down until she reaches 10,000 steps. “My husband laughs at me because I’ll even run in place while folding clothes.”

Nichole: I’ve enjoyed being part of the Race2Rio; it keeps me accountable and is motivating.

Megan Whittington
Team: India

Megan used to be an operator but her recent change to an office position hasn’t stopped her from being as active as she was before. “I don’t allow my new position to disrupt what I did before as an operator. I try at every opportunity to be involved with things on the floor. Whether helping finish a product, building skids, or pushing a broom, I enjoy pitching in wherever my help may be needed.” Outside of work, Megan’s motivation to be active is to make sure she can keep up with her husband and children.

Megan: I’m motivated to stay fit so I can be more involved in the activities my children and husband enjoy.

Amanda Crisp
Team: Argentina

Amanda gets up at 5am every morning to walk or jog for 30-45 minutes. She also walks during her 15-minute breaks throughout the work day. After work, she goes for a walk while her daughter rides her bike. “I try to take the long way to the restroom or break room whenever I can”. Parking farther away has also helped Amanda with reaching her goal of 12,000 steps per day during the week.

Amanda: It’s all about setting goals and believing in myself. Oh, and $5,000 is enough motivation in itself. I’d also be happy to win $100!